Virtual Office in Szczecin

13 year of experience = quality, honesty, knowledge, trust of clients

Virtual Office Szczecin is an ideal solution for those who want to start their own business, but haven’t got any company address at which they could register the company. Our offer is also a solution for the already established companies that want to have an address in Szczecin.

Virtual Office Szczecin in 2022 thirteen started its ninth year of operation. During this time we have gained the experience we now use to offer services that are fully customized to the needs of our clients.

Why to use our services? The answer is simple:

  • You don’t pay the office rent
  • You don’t invest in any office equipment
  • You don’t have to worry about running a secretary’s office
  • You simply save your time

We also offer:

  • A possibility of renting a conference/training room (equipped with a projector, projections screen and a flipchart)
  • Offices for the hours- ideal for business meetings
  • Address for registration and correspondence together with full correspondence service
  • Change of the company’s address in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • Help with establishing a business

If you need an office for a few meetings in a month it’s really worth considering using our services.

What makes us different:

  • We are the owners of the office space we rent and where your company will be registered, – our rental agreement will not expire at any time which means that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises for our Clients
  • We do our best to guarantee you the highest quality of service
  • We are professionals
  • We care about our Clients not only in the moment of signing the contract, but also throughout the duration of contract and after its expiry
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We develop constantly customizing our services and introducing new ones
  • If you need you can organize a business meeting in an office or in a conference room that are available for you when you need them
  • Our computer system stores your correspondence safely (a database copy is made once a week) and you get a message every time you get new mail
  • Using our services you can be sure that your contracting party won’t look for you at the post-office box

Our mission is to reach the leader’s position in providing services on the highest level and to guarantee customer satisfaction. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction and that’s why we will make every effort to customize our services to your individual needs.